Sam Guison


(Sam Guison, 2009)

Together, we will avenge those who are heartbroken
Together, we will create our own vast cosmos
Together, we will be partners in crime
Together, we will solve the world’s problems

Cherries and lighters
Kisses and murder
In line with our fate
Those are what we will worship

I could foresee us dying without regret
Licking each other’s abstract thoughts and curses
We can pretend there’ a lullaby made from the truth
We can deny that there is actually an end to all these

I don’t know how to put out this burning journey
Everything might fall into place
Everything might fall into pieces
But deep in my bone, I am certain
Identical eyes will kiss
And will defy what has been spoken to be golden

Together, we will wake up naked
Together, we will cry because we are complete
Together, we will die young

We are one in thought
We are one in tears
We are one with the universe


  • Photography
  • Poetry
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Editing
  • Creative and Visual Consultancy